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Originally Posted by bow657 View Post
I have the hardened edition, the code for the Elite worked no prooblem, but the 2 avatar codes don't work, i was also given a seperate avatar code which i put in on it said it was accepted and to download from my xbox but when i went there theres nothing to download. as for the founder status, i tried to sign up, put all my details in. the site stopped loading and now its not accepting my email/password.

Any ideas?

Rant .........Done!
sorry to say you shouldnt be uploading your info just yet because to them you can be someone who stole the game etc the game hasnt even come out yet... i bet you cant even get the elite thing done yet it probly cost like 4mil microsoft points, i hope that your lucky enough on release day they let you input your founder status and all that other wise you screwed yourself over.
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