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Originally Posted by Orbsalot View Post
I'm having problems with the aerial attack as well

After stunning an enemy and double tapping A, I can't hit any other enemies other than the one I'm jumping over.

It doesn't seem to make any difference how close other enemies are, I hold a direction and press X and he just comes straight back down on the same guy.

Any thoughts?


EDIT: Done it! Wooo! 400/400.

The buttons to pull off the move are:
-> -> +

Pressing B stuns them, and the double A launches you in to the air. The key is to press the direction and X buttons after tapping A A, but BEFORE you actually start the leaping animation.

Trying to press it once Batman is in the air is too late.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the advice! This was my last Riddler challenge. I thought I was doing it correctly and it even looked like I was doing the move correctly, yet I got nothing. I thought perhaps that I was pressing the buttons too quickly (something I do often in most games with combos), so I slowed the key pressing a bit. It never occurred to me to do the button mashing quicker, since I was mashing them pretty fast to begin with. D'oh!

Thanks again for the tip.
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