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need help with last 2 please - can't see pic

Originally Posted by Headstock View Post
OH GOD!!!! i cannot find the monsters inc windows for the life of me!!! does ne one have a picture????
Originally Posted by Scrapdaddy View Post
yes, look here.
hello. i am still too new to these forums and so i can't view the picture in question. according to your guide---which is awesome btw, ty--- cp241 (pageant queen hat) and cp242 (monster inc. windows) apparently right next to it are the last 2 i need. i've gone all over that big loop challenge tryna find these two. they're not in the air that i can see, they're not down on the platform of dirt behind the first jump of this section where there's a blue hole on the wall leading to the bottom area, they're not on that "platform" of dirt before the hole in the wall off the orange loop, nor are they on the platform down to the right of this leading toward the bottom area, and i don't seem to see them in the lil alcove cutout just below the orange loop where you can turn around and get back on the track. am i not in the right area? are they glitched? or am i just completely overlooking them? if you or someone else could help me, i'd greatly appreciate it. these two are gonna make me cry soon lol

nvm~~~ i got them ... i guess i misunderstood which ramp, ty anyway

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