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Nightwing Challenge Guide (Videos)

Here is another challenge guide for Nightwing. When Robin launches I'll be making one for him as well.

I'm listing his exclusive challenges in their respective categories. So while they are actually in your downloaded maps section of your challenges, they will be listed with the other combat/predator maps here.

Moves List:

There are standard attacks for all characters (such as Special Combo Takedown) so this will only apply to moves specific to Nightwing.

Special Combo Eskrima Ricochet: +
Special Combo Shock Attack: + (acts like Batman's REC)
Combo Wing Ding: Tap
Quickfire Electrical Blast: +
Quickfire Batclaw: +
Quickfire Eskrima Stick: +
Quickfire Wrist Dart: +

Just like Batman, Nightwing can do a Batclaw Strike by quickfiring the batclaw, then holding in the direction of your enemy and pressing .


Challenge 1 - Blind Justice

Challenge 2 - Survival of the Fittest

Challenge 3 - Rooftop Rumble

Challenge 4 - Hell's Gate

Challenge 5 - Funhouse Brawl

Challenge 6 - Prison Riot

Challenge 7 - Blind Justice EXTREME

Challenge 8 - Survival of the Fittest EXTREME

Challenge 9 - Rooftop Rumble EXTREME

Challenge 10 - Hell's Gate EXTREME

Challenge 11 - Funhouse Brawl EXTREME

Challenge 12 - Prison Riot EXTREME

Challenge 13 - Wayne Manor Armory


Challenge 1 - Meltdown Mayhem

Challenge 2 - Police Brutality

Challenge 3 - Natural Selection

Challenge 4 - End of the Line

Challenge 5 - Lost City

Challenge 6 - Top of the World

Challenge 7 - Meltdown Mayhem EXTREME

Challenge 8 - Police Brutality EXTREME

Challenge 9 - Natural Selection - EXTREME

Challenge 10 - End of the Line EXTREME

Challenge 11 - Lost City EXTREME

Challenge 12 - Top of the World EXTREME

Challenge 13 - Wayne Manor Main Hall


Joker's Carnival

My personal times are always changing. If anyone is interested in watching my videos on my speed runs, they may do so HERE.
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