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check out hand of bloods guide for all the GJ awards. most of the tips in that guide will steer you in the right direction.

However, 1-1-2 is the best for all the akrid kill streak awards and 1-1-3 is best for all the soldier kill streak awards as there are grenades everywhere and you can have head start as an ability

yes damage with a vs weapon while not in a vs counts

you need to play the submarine on a higher difficulty to destroy all the armor. I found that easier difficulties you will destroy the boss before all the armor is gone

2-2-2 check the floor above where you start there are enemies there too, if you just go down you will miss them

6-4 has multiple paths you can take for the good job awards of killing all akrid and stopping production, make sure you take every possible path (will take more than one playthrough)

i get the feeling you are playing the split screen for band of brothers by yourself...I would suggest finding a friend to play it with you if you are having that much trouble

any more ?'s
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