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Originally Posted by rrushn View Post
As a die-hard Oblivion hater, I must admit that there is absolutely nothing wrong with Skyrim.

20 hours in and no bugs/glitches found, varied dungeons, stunning graphics, sidequests are quite interesting and fleshed out, improved leveling system (although purists may disagree).

Every couple of hours, I think about MW3 and that I'll pop it in later on, but I just can't get myself to swap discs and leave Skyrim.
To me the graphics are a bit of a bummer. Lot of popping in.
Riding a horse aint that much fun anymore, somehow they managed to make the horse riding even more unrealistic then oblivion (how did they managed that i ask myself..)

i bought the cheapest horse for 1000 gold in whiterun. and i'll give you this.. don't spend a coin on those useless creatures..
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