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Smile Honest review :)

ok so lets leave the politics out of here please. this review is about the game only.

now i must say i really wanted to enjoy this game. however it is way to realistic. you will die ALOT.

this has got to be the toughest game on kinect. dont even bother using a controller, it just sucks!

the graphics & controls are good. you'll need lots of space side to side. it is very challenging & i dont recomend it for big people.

i'll give this a 7.5/10. no online, to realistic, lots of ducking,leaning & such. heck even in cover you get hit alot.

decent game but on normal difficulty its mission impossible.

rent it first to see if you like it.

i liked how it played. but cant get past 2nd part to the 1st mission ugh. i'm in shape too.

hope this helps message me if you have questions thanks.

forgot to add it plays alot like time crisses but with realism in terms of how much danage you can take. recomend renting first then decide. its not good but its not bad. can be very fustrating.

ok i'll expand on some things here.

controller issue = if you play children of eden. this isnt those controls. child/eden was awesome, this is the opposite!

as for the space issue. you need 15 ft by 15 ft for this to work properly. no i'm not kidding! i have 8ft by 8ft to work with, also when i mentioned leaning, its more of a lunging.

when ducking for cover, you'll find yourself sitting on your ass alot! this game requires to much space.

i can play any kinect game no proablem. UFC i cant do push ups as i'm to close to sensor. otherwise i can do everything including self defense game!

the graphics i can forgo but not the controls & space issue!

in fact, its so bad, i'd give it a 3 instead of my generous 7,5.

youtube will have you believe this game works great. it doesnt tell you how much space is needed nor the controller issue.

the controller just doesnt work here. so you need to use kinect.

i have over 18 kinect games & reviews on them. so if this review seems shallow, its because the game is.

also keep in mind i use the wii. its both time consuming & hard to type with.

my friends on xbl, my youtubers all buy games via my reviews.

heck i have a police officer getting self defense because of my review.

there really isnt much to say about this game. it lacks in almost everything.

bottomline; rent first.

games i have on here under "Honest review" include.

self defense training camp, rise of nightmares, powerup heroes, grease dance, just dance3, gunstringer, forza4, motionsports:adrenaline, bigbleague sports just to name a few.

so please check them out & see how much depth i do.

please keep in mind i use the wii for internet stuff. thanks for reading

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