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Originally Posted by douch-bag View Post
Great Guide!! I love it when people put guides together and the achievements are in some sort of order regarding play thru. I hate to have to scroll up and down x20 to make sure i didnt miss anything. Thank you for taking the time to do this and not just putting something together for the hell of it...Keep up the GOOD WORK!!
Exactly! I appreciate you taking the time to list achievements in the order they can be unlocked. I've always wanted an achievement guide like that and now here it is. It fits well with my ocd so I thank you for the extra time you put into making this.

EDIT: 7 days later and I'm done! Another 1000/1000g in the bag thanks to you. I did my first playthrough on Asgardian(hard) which made the Valhallan playthrough go fairly well. Since I did all but 4 feats during the first playthrough, the second one went by quickly. I guess this game isn't as long as I thought. I didn't come out hating this game, but I'm glad I don't have to play it anymore because I'm not going to.... at least not by choice.
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