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what level is he, Brain?

I swear, after I read this I had an image in my head. Random, stupid, but ultimately hilarious and had to share...

Napa: "Heeey, Vegita, what ya doin?"

Vegita: "I'm playing Skyrim, Napa! I'm at quite a high level, and it's taken some time, but I now know these puny dragons know themselves to be no match for me, thr Prince of all Saiyans."

Napa: "Wow, that's pretty awesome. What level are you?"

Vegita: "I'm at level 49, and I've logged well over 200 hours."

Napa: "Heh heh heh..."

Vegita: "What's so funny, you great oaf?"

Napa: "I think you should see my save file. I've been level 50 for a long time. I've put in a hell of a lot of time in this game."

Vegita (looking over at Napa's save info) : "Let's see... level 50, hours played...wha...what??!!"

Napa: "What's the matter, Vegita?"

(If you don't see it coming by now, you've been under a rock... that said, here it is!!)


Vegita then throws Napa into the air and Big Bang Attacks the f*** out of him, all deja-vu style.

Had to share.
This has been a presentation of the random absurdity that dwells in my head. We now return you to your regularly-topic'd thread.
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