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1)Cod Classic

Cod Classic was really hard , every level was pretty tough. No health regeneration. Waw was tough due to the nade spam. Cod2 had a few pretty tough missions. MW1's "No fighting in the war room" and "Mile high club" was pretty hard. Black Ops had that one mission near the end in that vehicle(can't remember the name) where you had to make that tough corner and kill a chopper and tons of ground soldiers with rpgs. MW2 and MW3 were pretty easy.

*Disclaimer Didn't add COD3 because I gave up on the campaign when I realized that it had a lot of MP achievements. Figured the servers were dead and once I figured out I wasn't going to get all the achievements I gave up the campaign. The little amount I played on it ,it was pretty tough.

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Call of Duty Classic
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