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Originally Posted by Webb View Post
Can you remember where this one was dude? Thanks in advance. [Clavicus Vile]
my bad its also in Falkreath, i approached from the east and the first guard at the gate mentioned it

Another Good tip to level magic / 2hand is as follows, not sure if i'm retarded but it took me ages to actually realise

Set a spell on both your left and right hands for skills you dont use[and cant level up just by casting on yourself] Left i have (Conjuration - Confure Flame Atronach) & Right (Alteration - Stoneflesh) if you put a 2 handed weapon as a favourite, press up on the dpad then RT to equip it (not sure if it works with 1 handed) at the start of EVERY Battle or whenever you magic is full again, (favourites, RT on the equipped weapon) it removes the weapon and give you your 2 spells again, LT then RT and then equip the weapon again so your levelling 3 skills instead of just the 1

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