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Originally Posted by rza_2002 View Post
my bad its also in Falkreath, i approached from the east and the first guard at the gate mentioned it

Another Good tip to level magic / 2hand is as follows, not sure if i'm retarded but it took me ages to actually realise

Set a spell on both your left and right hands for skills you dont use[and cant level up just by casting on yourself] Left i have (Conjuration - Confure Flame Atronach) & Right (Alteration - Stoneflesh) if you put a 2 handed weapon as a favourite, press up on the dpad then RT to equip it (not sure if it works with 1 handed) at the start of EVERY Battle or whenever you magic is full again, (favourites, RT on the equipped weapon) it removes the weapon and give you your 2 spells again, LT then RT and then equip the weapon again so your levelling 3 skills instead of just the 1
Yeah, found it last night when searching for the other Falkreath quest. Tar.

Found another Daedric quest as well... Will finish it today and add it to the list:

– During the main quest you’ll meet Septimus Sigmus who will send you off to get an Elder Scrolls. During this quest he will start another quest called “Discearning the Transmundane” where you’ll have to take an imprint of the Elder Scroll on his Lexicon. Giving that to Septimus then opens up the next stage: harvesting blood of an Orc, Dark Elf, Wood Elf, High Elf and Falmer – honestly, do this quest as early as possible so you can grab the blood as you go along. Every time you can harvest some blood it will give you an option when you interact with their corpse (harvest blood or search body). Get all 5 and head back to Septimus’ outpost, north of Winterhold.

I'm up to 41 from 38 in an hour or so from last night just by training, using two-handed weapons (which I never use) and smithing. As many tips though is a good thing

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