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Originally Posted by Webb View Post

Potential Daedric Artefacts

These arenít your traditional shrine missions, but Iím fairly sure that killing a Daedric spirit like these and looting their bodies nets you an artefact:

Directly west of Windhelm is a dragon hangout called Shearpoint on the top of the big mountain nearest it. The second peak, furthest away, that is. There is a dragon shout there and it was guarded by a powerful Daedra called Krosis. Struggled at level 24. Grab his mask when you kill him.

Nahkrrin Ė Guarding the portal in one of the last missions

I can confirm that the masks do not count towards the achievement. I've collected 3 of them, and only have 3 remaining daedric quests to do for the achievement and it hasn't popped yet.

Also, has anyone found the Namira, Mephala, or Malacath quests? This is the last achievement I need for the full 1k.
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