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I'm enjoying this game a lot. Granted the platforming gets really repetitive, but the environments (overall scenery) and the challenge of looking for all the collectibles along the way makes up for it. The only disappointment for me was the lack of bosses. I was hoping to have something harder to fight at the end of each chapter, but all I got was the Dollmaker whom I defeated without taking any damages on my first try.
Some complained that the levels were too long, but it was the opposite for me. When I bought this game, someone said that it only had 6 chapters, so I thought "man not another 3-4 hour single player campaign game", but I was gladly surprised that each chapter stretched enough to make it worth the money.
So overall, beautiful game, fun to play and not too frustrating to 100%.

I'm not enjoying American McGee though. I find the controls and the collisions to be highly frustrating and badly done. Again, good scenery and nice music, but it seems that these are the only elements where they invested any efforts. Also, I still haven't figured out how to save and the auto-save are really rare, forcing me to re-do a big chunk of each chapter many times before I figure out where, what and how.
Also, most games even back in 2000 had a little form of tutorial on how to use newly acquired weapons and skills. American McGee just hands me stuff and pretty much says "Press buttons and see what happens". So I'm not liking that either.
But I'll get through it soon and it'll be element of the past. But at least they did a better job in Madness Returns :P
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