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While playing the game, it was Flamethrower Brother 6, Kuma and Justice. Why? Flamethrower Brother isn't so bad, but it's his little projectiles that cannot be blocked nor dodged that kinda pissed me off because that's pretty much the definition of cheap. Mainly on hard. Like for fuck's sake. You can only take 5-6 hits and the guy shoots 3 of them at you. Seriously what the hell?
Kuma's windows to strike were small, rare and short. This time it's just me finding it plain hard, but I enjoyed the challenge.
Justice was alright, it's only the first part where he shoots at you that I found ridiculous. Otherwise it was feasable, etc etc.

For the achievements, it's really Hard, Body Part Poker and East Showdown Pass that pissed me off.

Hard because, on normal, you can take at least 15-20 hits before you die and afro seems to regenerate health. I started on hard thinking that I would probably have less room for mistakes, but not 5-6 hits before death! That's like 66% health reduction...So anyways, I just thought the change was brutal and so parts like the Flamethrower Brother fight pretty much made me throw my controller at the TV.

Body Part Poker is frustrating because I'm missing the Samurai and the Queens straight flushes and the only segments where I can get them require me to go through most of Doppleganger and part of Empty Seven and let myself die/start over if I fail or die. I wish they would have just made some kind of training simulation where you can work those on the spot.

As for East Showdown, it's not the achievement itself, it's the boss that you need to beat in order to recieve it. The game never taught me how to reflect bullets/missles, so the first time I faced that boss, I was swearing. Like "WTF is this shit!? How on earth are you suppose to beat this guy!?" It took me a good 30 minutes before I accidently figured out a patterm to witch I could slash the missle in 2 and move forward. Jesus...
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