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I almost had to force myself to keep playing Banjo Tooie. Of course, I can't say that the game is bad because it really isn't. But when I remember how much fun I had entering a level collecting a 100 notes and getting all Jiggies in one run, I can't help but wish Banjo Tooie was like that. Sure, they improved the challenge a lot, and now you have to stay on a level for at least 2 hours to get everything but it's the little things that really ruin the game for me: such as the Canary race on the last level, the fact that Grunty stops talking in rhymes, on replay mode where you don't have extra honeycombs, only a few new moves actually seem useful...

Even, the Swop n Stop feature which I looked forward to the most wasn't as impressive as I thought it would be...

I hope Banjo Treeie doesn't make the same mistakes...
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