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More of an 'Oh my god, im such a dumbass' moment than a WTF moment, but here it is...

I was doing the first main quest for the College of Winterhold to get my mage training or whatever, i was down in the tunnels and came across a door, with 2 statues with symbols above them either side of it. So i thought 'Ok, match the symbols, pull the lever, job done'. Matched the symbols, hit the lever, got shot by about 30 poisonous arrows. So i thought hmm ok, lets try that again with the symbols the other way around, didnt work, shot by more arrows. For the next 15 minutes i was spinning these statues around in every possible combination trying to get the damn door to open. When i do finally give up, i turn around to leave and try another quest when i notice there are 2 more sets of statues directly behind me.....


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