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Lack of sleep has left me unable to think quite well, but the first thing that comes to mind is this.

After about 18 hours of gameplay, I decided to spoil myself and buy a horse. As I was riding out of Whiterun heading towards Riverwood (my stash of books is there and I had some more to add to my library ) I saw a lady running towards me screaming "Help us please help us!" and then noticed two guards nocking arrows and aiming towards the sky. Oh how excited I was to have my first random encounter with a dragon!

Quickly I dismounted my horse and proceeded to nock my own arrow and line up my shot. There it was, a dragon headed in my direction, blasting a stream of firey breath straight towards ... my horse?

Needless to say my poor pony took off at a gallop towards the mountains, with the dragon hot on her heels. It was about this time that I found myself sprinting as fast as I could yelling "COME BACK!!" at the TV, 4:30 AM.

Don't worry folks, a happy ending was had by all! Ok well sort of....

After about 5 minutes I caught up to where my horse had gotten stuck on the mountainside and proceeded to loose arrow after arrow at the bastard who was torching my brand spanking new horse.

Finally I got it's attention and it came down to fight someone it's own size, I let out my rage and defended my horsies honor. As the dragon took one final blow from my (Exquisite) Scimitar, I let out a roar of victory.

That is when my Mrs threw a cushion at me and roared louder than any dragon possibly could to "Shut the hell up!"
Originally Posted by Astinus, Chronicler of the History of Krynn
History should note, however, that the Light would have been doomed to failure if not for one man who chose to walk in Darkness
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