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I was randomly travelling through the countryside when I accidentally wandered into a giants camp. The Giant didn't pay any attention to me though so I doubled back to walk round the camp, careful not to upset the Giants herd of Mammoths as I went.

As I was walking round the camp, a group of four bandits came charging out from behind some rocks, obviously thinking that a single Dunmer was an easy target. Taken by surprise, I barely had time to arm my self before they reached me.

Thinking I was done for, I was surprised to feel the ground moving beneath my feet. Looking to my left, I watched as two of the Mammoths charged down the hill at the bandits, with the Giant just behind them. I finished off the bandit who had engaged me, the Mammoths took out another and the Giant killed the other two before they had time to blink. His herd safe, the Giant headed back to his camp and I continued my journey with plenty of respect for the larger inhabitants of Skyrim.
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