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Even better idle boosting method

Following the advice of the poster in THIS thread, I set up a 30 minute 'stopwatch' game on Reactor, and ran up to the hiding spot to get the free exp.

Using this method you will get 44,000+ exp per game.

I couldn't figure out how he got it to give him 75exp per tick while I was only getting 50exp per tick, since I used the exact settings he suggested and did exactly what he did. So I got impatient and decided I would hack the air vent to 90% then run back to the safe spot while the computer de-hacked it, and repeat, for faster exp.

Here's what I discovered:

1. Kill the one AI bot on your way forward and start hacking the air vent. Make sure you're hacking the one to the right when coming from your starting position, the one with YELLOW stripes on it.

2. Position yourself at the rear corner of the pillar, furthest from the hack box, with the big wider door to the room on your right in your peripheral vision.

3. When the computer runs in the room, if you don't see him strafe to your right up alongside of the pillar. If you see him run in through the big wide door, strafe left to the other side of the pillar, the side closest to the smaller door that you probably entered through.

4. If you do it right, you will continue hacking the pillar, but the computer will try to de-hack it with the little spray can thing. This means that the hacking will be stuck at whatever % it's on, but will continue, VERY VERY slowly, reaching perhaps 75% by the end of the 30 minute match. The reason for this is that the AI is tricked into thinking it HAS to de-hack the pillar even though you're still alive because it's the only person on its team and objectives trump kills. At least that's why I think it works.

5. You will get 5 'ticks' of 'hacking' for 16 exp each for every 1 tick of 50 exp every 5 seconds, meaning for each 'tick' you would've gotten just hiding up stairs in the hiding spot, you'll instead get around 130+ exp which nearly doubles the exp gain even over his method that was getting 75exp per tick. If you are getting less than 16 exp per tick of 'hacking', inch forward along the side of the pillar until you do.

6. The computer never stops 'de hacking' it, so once you get it set up (takes me about 50 seconds to set up from the start of the match) you can just sit your controller down and rake in even more exp than any previously mentioned method.

Note: I've duplicated this several times so I know it works and wasn't a glitch. I don't have video capture capability though, sorry.

Game custom settings: Stopwatch, 30 minutes, difficulty easy, min and max players per team 1, map Reactor, force even teams Yes, you play as Resistance with your default charackter type Operative.
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