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Achievement Guide & Roadmap

Index:To simplify the search and take you directly to where you need to be, hit CTRL+F and type in the Code to jump directly to the section you need for quick referencing.

1. Overview
2. Introduction
3. Road Map To Success: Overview
A.Road Map: Campaign Run
B. Road Map: Mop-up
10. Achievement Listing
11. Conclusion


-Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
-Offline: 44 = 1000/1000
-Online: 0 = 0000/1000
-Total Play time required: 10-15 hours
-Minimum Play Sessions: 1
-Number of missable achievements: 0 (Chapter Select available)
-Glitched achievements: 0
Stackable Achievements: Yes
-Do skulls disable achievements?: No
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes

Introduction ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------SEC02
10 years after the launch of one of the best selling series of all time, Halo: Combat Evolved is finally being brought back with a total graphic overall and a pretty selection of Achievements to boot. It launched with 44 achievements, all attainable through one or more playthroughs of the Campaign. A few of them look to be a bit of a doozy, but nothing is impossible. For the sake of ease, I’m going to suggest these be done in 2 separate playthroughs, but for those of you looking for a challenge, why not set this on Legendary and see if you can't get all of them in a single playthrough.

Road Map To Success: Overview ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------SEC03
In this section we’re going to lay down the ground work and pick the fastest and simplest route to get every achievement quickly. For specific assistance on a certain achievement, see the achievement list below or CTRL+F the name of the achievement to go straight to it.

Road Map: Campaign Run ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------SEC3A

Your experience with the past Halo games will determine the difficulty you choose to play first. In my experience, my first playthrough was on Legendary running solo. If you can’t handle it at first, do the best you can and return to the higher difficulty later. Anyway, onto the game itself.

Without worrying about the secondary campaign achievements, just play the campaign. Playing every level and beating the campaign alone will unlock Pillar of Autumn, Halo, Truth & Reconciliation, The Silent Cartographer, Assault on the Control Room, 343 Guilty Spark, The Library, Two Betrayals, Keyes, & The Maw, Birth of A Spartan, Believe in A Hero, & Living Legend.

Progress so far: For certain you should have all 10 level completions as well as the 3 difficulty completion achievements:
30% Overall Completion
13/44 Achievements

Road Map: Mop-up
At this point you’re sure to be familiarized with the level layouts and the best strategies to approach each encounter. It’s simply a matter of using the Chapter Select and approaching each individual achievement as you feel most comfortable with. If you did your initial playthrough on Heroic or Legendary, you’re likely to have at least a few of these already, so just get whichever ones you’re missing.

Progress so far:After this step, you should be at 100% completion! Congratulations on completing what I believe is the hardest achievement list in the series.
100% Overall Completion
44/44 achievements

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