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To increase your skills, you have three options;
  • Use a skill.
The lower the skill level, the faster it will increase from use. To check your progress in a skill, check the bar in the skill menu under the name of the skill.
  • Training.
Some NPC's will offer you training for in certain skills, for a fee. You can only train 5 times per level across all skills so use your training wisely. Also worth noting is that each NPC has a maxium skill level they can train you to which is indicated by their proficiency (ie. novice - master)
  • Skill Books.
There are books everywhere in Skyrim, some of which increase a particular Skill when read. You only have to open the book to gain the skill increase from it, so you will know straight away if you have found one.

Raising Level
To raise your Level, you have to increase your skills. Any combination of skills will do, or you can just stick to one in particular. The higher level the skill is that you increase, the faster you will level up. You can check your progress in a level by going to the Skills Menu and looking at the bar at the top of the screen.
Leveling up
When you have raised your Level enough, you will Level up. When you level up you can go into the Skill menu where you must choose between increasing either your Health, Magika or Stamina. You will also gain one Perk Selection which can be used immeadiately or saved for later.

Perks are special abilities or enhancements to your skills. They are represented by stars in their respective constellations. To select a perk, you must first meet the skill requirement for it and have any pre-requisite perks that it requires. For example, If you want to upgrade your Archery skill and get the Eagle Eye perk (Pressing Block while aiming will zoom in your view) then you must first unlock the Overdraw perk (Bows do 20% more damage.) Some Perks even have multiple ranks and can be upgraded repeatedly like Overdraw (+20% per additional rank).
There are a few different ways to travel around the beautiful Land of Skyrim.

  • Fast Travel
You can Fast Travel, which is for those that just want to get where they are going quickly. To fast travel, select a location on the map and press You can only Fast Travel to a Location you have been to previously, and Time will move forward according to how far you go. If you have a Horse it will fast travel with you and when travelling to cities, it will be found in the nearest stable. You can Fast Travel from anywhere except interiors or whilst in combat.
  • Horses
You can Ride a Horse, which is for those that want to see the landscape and explore a bit but still want to have a bit of speed. You can not attack whilst on a horse though so keep that in mind. Horses cost 1000 gold and all have the same speed, stamina and health (with the exception of one unique horse). The only thing that differs is the color. They can at times attack enemies if provoked but are also prone to fleeing. They are very hardy and can take a good beating, and they also have a Health bar so you can heal them with the spell "Healing Hands" if they start to lose alot of health.
  • Horse & Cart
You can Take a Horse & Cart, which is good for discovering certain towns that you have not yet been to, but not much else. This method will also cost you some gold.
  • Walking
You can Walk! Although this is the slowest form of transportation, it is my personal favourite and really lets you explore every nook and cranny of your chosen path and really helps feel the depth of the game, especially with random encounters When walking, you can press and hold to sprint. Sprinting consumes Stamina though so be careful if running into battle.

Each mode of travel has their own pros and cons, so it is ultimately up to you and your style of play to determine which way you get around.

A great way to find ore for Smithing, is Mining. You do not need any specific perks or skills to mine. All you need is to have a Pickaxe in your inventory and you are set to go! Pickaxes can be found in mines, or sometimes a merchant will have them in stock, but I would suggest not buying one if you are headed into a mine because you will find them all over inside.

If you find an ore vein and you have a pickaxe in your Inventory, Just walk up to it and press to automatically mine the ore from it. You can usually get 2-3 ores from a vein as well as the occasional gem of random quality. The ore in a vein will respawn after 1 month (game time), so it is good to try and remember where the good ones are. Every ore is mineable except for Dwemer metal which can be found in Dwemer cities. Ore veins can be found on the surface all over Skyrim, but are much more common at higher altitudes and in mines. For a list of known mines please check the link at the start of this post.

Smithing is the skill to create and upgrade weapons and armor. It also allows you to make jewellery. To begin smithing you will first need some of the following materials, depending on what item you are trying to create.
  • Animal skins
  • Leather
  • Leather straps
  • Ore
  • Ingots
  • Dwemer metal
  • Dragon bone
  • Deadra hearts
You do not need any other special equiptment or skills to begin smithing, but you will need the following;

  • Forge
For creating new weapons and armor from raw materials.
  • Grindstone
To improve weapons.
  • Smithing Bench
To improve armor.
  • Smelter
To change raw material into ingots.
  • Tanning rack
To turn pelts into leather, and leather into strips.

Most if not all of these work stations can be found in any main town or city and can also be found around the wild or in caves. If you are lucky you may even stumble across some "Special Forges" in your travels

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History should note, however, that the Light would have been doomed to failure if not for one man who chose to walk in Darkness

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