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Does difficulty affect experience gained? Yes and No. A higher Difficulty means enemies have more HP and deal more damage. Since all weapon and armor skills level up according to the damage dealt for weapons (minus any enchantments) or taken for armor, higher difficulties will result in these particular skills growing faster. Please note that the skills are raised solely through damage, so killing an enemy with one hit with a sword will get you the same skill increase as taking three hits to kill it with a dagger. This is the same for armor. Taking 5 hits from a Mudcrab adding up to 50 damage will net you the same skill increase as taking one hit from a bear doing 50 damage.

The Game seems ridiculously Hard! How to Change difficulty? To change your Difficulty at any time in-game, Press Start to open your journal, then or until you get to the System menu. There you can select Settings>Gameplay> then you can adjust the difficulty. If the game seems ridiculously hard, might be worth having a look what your difficulty is set on. A lot of people have reported that their game defaulted on "Master" which is the hardest difficulty.

What is the maxium number of perk points one player can get? The following was taken from UESP wiki
The game imposes a soft cap at level 50. Past level 50, leveling up happens much more slowly. The theoretical level cap (maximum level) is level 81, reached by increasing all skills to 100.(tested with player.advskill console cheat)

One implication of the leveling system is that although it is possible to create a character with 100 in all skills, it is not possible for one character to unlock all skill perks.

There are more than 250 total skill perks (including multi-point perks), but only around 80+20 (80 perks from leveling plus around 20 possible perks from quests) of them can be unlocked by any given character.

Note: Need confirmation whether quest rewards only give skill points (via trainers and/or books which count in the maximum level cap of 81)or are there quests/trainers/books which actually give "Perks to increase"

i have conformation i found a book on the map within a chest once i opened to read it it automatically gave me perk points to the subjet the book was on
How do I increase my carry capacity? Increasing your stamina increases your Carry capacity. Each time you increase your stamina by leveling your carry capacity increases by 5 points. 10 Stamina = 5 Carry Capacity. There are other ways to increase your carry capacity such as the Extra Pockets perk in the Pickpocket Skill Constellation, the Steed Stone Blessing and there is an enchantment for your armor that increases your carry capacity. There are also many other ways to temporarily improve your stamina, including spells, potions, enchantments and blessings, but I am pretty certain that none of those will actually increase your Carry capacity (even whilst the stamina increase is in effect).

Where can I store items?
The only guaranteed safe place is in a container you own, such as containers found in a house you have bought. There are other places that myself and others have used with no problems, but the only guaranteed safe place (according to the game manual) is in a container you own.

How to buy a house and how to upgrade my house? In order to buy a house, you need to talk to the steward in the town that the house is located. You also talk to them to purchase upgrades for your house. Before you can do this though, you generally have to complete quests in the hold where the house is located to gain the favor of the Jarl. For a list of Houses, where they can be found and which requirements need to be filled check here

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How to cure diseases? Go to any church and use the altar, or use a potion of cure disease. Note that normal methods will not work for Lycanthropy (Werewolf).

How to cure Lycanthropy? For a cure for Lycanthropy please check here

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How to cure Vampirism?
For Vampirism, you can cure it with the normal methods for up to three days after contracting the disease. Once you are a Stage 1 Vampire, normal methods will not cure you. For a cure for Stage 1 Vampirism, check here
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Where can I find rare/enchanted items? Besides enchanting yourself, Everywhere! There are too many to list here, but there is one easy exploit I discovered to get rare items to spawn. When Fighting a Dragon, Make a save just before it loses the last of it's health. It is very IMPORTANT that you save BEFORE the dragon dies or the exploit won't work. Once the Dragon is dead, loot it's corpse. No rare items? Nothing that interests you? No problem! Just reload your save, deal the final blow on the dragon again, then loot his corpse again. If the exploit was done correctly, The items spawned inside the Dragon Corpse will be different. Not sure if it works for all Dragons, I was using a Blood Dragon and found some enchanted armor and weapons.
Can I continue playing once I have completed the main storyline? Yes you can. After finishing the main story line completely you can still explore Skyrim, go into dungeons and still recieve and complete side quests.

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