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I thought I'll start a thread for people to compare on the results they got into getting this achievement. This is for people who did not use the glitch way.

Team: Mercedes
Difficulty: Hard
Race Length: 20%

Wet Dry

Austrailia: Q:1 R:1
Malaysia: Q:1 R:1
China: Q:1 R:1
Turkey: Q:1 R:1
Spain: Q:1 R:1
Monaco: Q:1 R:1
Canada: Q:1 R:1
Europe: Q:1 R:1
United Kingdom: Q:1 R:1
Germany: Q:1 R:1
Hungary: Q:24 R:1
Belgium: Q:1 R:1
Italy: Q:1 R:1
Singapore: Q:18 R:1
Japan: ------------
South Korea: -----------
India: ----------
UAE: ----------
Brazil: ----------

I won the title after singapore. The achievement popped.

Drivers' Standings (after singapore)
1. Me 350
2. Mark Webber 219
3. Sebastian Vettel 201
4. Michael Schumacher 138
5. Jaime Alguersuari 133
6. Sebastian Buemi 120

I'll give expert ago and post my season on here again. Good luck everyone getting the achievement without using the glitch. Post your results on here too.
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