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That is the shallowest user review I have ever read on this site. Dying a lot isn't all that rare for shooters. However, you could have gone into a lot more detail here. Why do you die a lot? Is the game cheap, fairly challenging, or do you suck at these types of games games? Do you die in one hit, or can you retreat and recover?

Why is using a controller a bad idea? How accurate are the Kinect controls? You didn't mention the audio. How is the music, and how is the voice acting? Do the weapons sound convincing?

You don't recommend the game for "big people"? Do you mean adults, the obese, or giants?

Morever, I don't know if English is your first language, but brushing up on your grammatical skills would be a very good idea. Poor grammar can be very distracting to those who know better.

Overall I give your rating a 1/10, and the 1 is only for effort. The purpose of a review is to inform others about your experiences with the game. I feel like I know nothing more about the game than I did a half hour ago.
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