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Originally Posted by Nevander View Post
Need some questions answered:

Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

A1: I honestly do not know, I have the same thing where they won't leave. At first I actually thought they were going to ambush me, but so far they just hang around like a bed smell.

A2: Answered by BBDrew84 above

A3: What I found works best in this situation is to try and find an open area nearby where it can land and hang around there. If there are any NPC's around that also helps entice them to come down. Also keep shooting it with your bow and eventually it should come down. I had an issue last night where I had to keep reloading because a dragon was just flying around for a few minutes (not attacking at all) then it would fly away.
Originally Posted by BBDrew84 View Post
My question is, How do you fill an empty soul gem?
You must first have a soul trap spell. It can be in scroll form, spell form or weapon enchanment form. You will also need a soul gem. You cast the spell on an enemy and then kill it while the effects are active and you will capture it's soul. The easiest way is to have a weapon enchanted with the soul trap effect so you do not have to bother casting the spell, but I suggest buying the spell regardless. I bought the spell from the court wizard in whiterun. Note that Higer level enemies will require a Higher level soul gem.

Keep the questions coming everyone, I will eventually add them all to the Original post. Also good job to everyone helping answer questions, this is how the internet should work
Originally Posted by Astinus, Chronicler of the History of Krynn
History should note, however, that the Light would have been doomed to failure if not for one man who chose to walk in Darkness

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