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Originally Posted by MVA View Post
Can you upgrade armor and weapons past Legendary? If so then how do you do it? My smithing is at 100 after making thousands of daggers.
As far as I am aware, no, Unfortunately Legendary is the Highest Level you can upgrade equiptment to. However you can add enchanments to equiptment to make it a little stronger.

EDIT: Stumbled across this on the Elder Scrolls Wiki, I can't confirm it myself but perhaps someone else could? HERE is a link to the page, look down the bottom and have a look at the chart.
Weapons and armor can be improved using either a Grindstone (Weapons) or a Workbench (Armor). The level of improvement is based off wether you have the skill relating to the item (i.e. Steel Smith for improving a Steel Sword). Legendary is the last upgrade name. But there is no end for upgrading weapons and armors. You can enchant armor with smithing skill, using smithing potions and raise your smithing level more then 100. I suppose it can be about 600+ with perfect equipe.
Originally Posted by H0LLATIP View Post
Can someone point me in the direction of an invisibility potion? .
A combination of any of the Following ingredients can be used to craft an Invisibility potion.
Ice wraith teeth
Chaurus Eggs
Vampire Dust
Luna Moth Wing

I am not 100% but I am pretty sure you can buy them at "Arcadia's Cauldron" in Whiterun.
Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

I am not sure where you are up to in the mission sorry, need to be a bit more specific. HERE is a link to the Elder Scrolls Wiki "Diplomatic Immunity" Page, might be worth reading through that.

Originally Posted by TheOneJat View Post
Okay so if your a werewolf and in your human form, are you still immune from Vampirism?
Yes, you are still immune to ALL diseases when in human form.
Originally Posted by Astinus, Chronicler of the History of Krynn
History should note, however, that the Light would have been doomed to failure if not for one man who chose to walk in Darkness

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