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Really it depends how cheap you can pick it up for

I picked it up for 20 and feel that was a fair price, I certainly wouldnt have been happy if i had paid 40 for it and I will elaborate as to why, I will keep this spoiler free

At many various points the game just feels plain empty, with no atmosphere, You will see what I mean no doubt, then suddenly you will be overwhelmed by enemies, the space marine feels very clunky, his evasive manoeuvres are almost obsolete and pointless, many many times I have been trying to dodge to no avail, I am guessing that this was done on purpose and is probably true to the character as power armor is no doubt heavy but it still blows that you can't effectively evade, the other problem i have is no cover system? wtf is with that, i know ultra marines are supposed to be badass but come on

The story is quite good, some have said its been milked in the warhammer franchise but I certainly didnt see a couple of the twists coming, I didnt find myself as immersed in it as I had hoped though having been a fan of warhammer for some 20 years and that may be down to the voice acting which I feel could have been better, its almost emotionless, i dont know whether that was intentional....

Overall though I have enjoyed the game, I only wish the enemies had been more consistantly thrown at you, its a good fun blow, bash and smash the crap outta everything that gets in your way
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