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Originally Posted by Kyanite View Post
No, actually you didn't. If you had covered everything or even come close, I wouldn't have posted the valid questions that I did. Like I said, you didn't even mention the audio. Saying that using a controller "just sucks" makes you sound like you're incapable of expanding on your own point. I have written a few reviews, and even in the first one, I knew better than to make a vague statement without backing it up with an example. You don't want your readers wondering what you mean.

Save your 'cant read' comment. It's petty and obviously wrong, especially since my spelling and grammar are far superior to yours.

No, I haven't done my own review. You want to know why? Because I haven't played this game, and I doubt I will. However, I don't have to have played the game or have written my own review to know that yours isn't very good. I am curious as to how this game turns out, and I have yet to see a professional review. That's why I even bothered reading your review. I was hoping to be somewhat informed, but I wasn't.

Um, good for you? Not sure what that has to do with anything.

I know the 'troll' label is convenient because it marginalizes me and, in your mind, devalues what I say and means you can ignore what I say. However, in my first post, I was merely criticizing your review, not insulting you like you did to me. If you're going to be so defensive and thinly-skinned, I wonder why you even bothered in the first place.
Oh STFU you obnoxious fool. The guy has explained that he is using the Wii browser to post his review, but you're intent on being all over his back about his grammar. So his review is more of a brief summary than a full-on detailed essay, who cares?

If you didn't like the review, then offer some constructive criticism rather than just outright attacking him. To claim that you were criticising (yeah, it's spelt with an s, not a z, SPAG boy) him and not insulting him just makes you look like an outright liar or an outright idiot. You choose.

This guy is making a post on a forum, not being paid to do a piece of journalistic gold. If the review wasn't to your taste, then get over it.
Hi! I'm nine years old and if you ever have an opinion that differs from mine, I'm going to become immediately hostile... because I'm super mature and that's how people ought to react to those who think differently from me!

Idiots make me angry.

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