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Originally Posted by mathgod9 View Post
I am not able to spend one extra perk point for daedra and instead must go through the heavy armor tree if I desire to get daedra weapons, potentially the best in the game if I use alchemy, smithing, and enchanting potions correctly.

As I got smithing to 100 about a day after the game came out, it was impossible for me to know that going the light armor route was pointless and that dragon had no weapons and also that dragon could craft both light and heavy armor sets. If I want to get close to being able to make the best weapons in the game, I have to sacrifice 4 perks that could be used elsewhere and my entire plan is thrown off. One perk I could have handled. Either dragon needs to be able to make weapons, glass weapon damage should be comparable to daedra weapon damage, or we need to be given one respec for perks. This is absolutely ridiculous.

The only thing keeping me from respeccing now is that I'm level 40, have finished almost all guild related quests, and put in at least 24 hours of play time, if not more, on this character. I just feel like that was all for nothing, as smithing 100 was one of the first things I did once I had the money for it.
Really? I went up the left side as well and was hoping to hit Dragon and then over to Daedra for the weapons, as I had read elsewhere Dragon didn't offer it. That royally sucks though.
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