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Originally Posted by Dannyb0yUK View Post
Oh STFU you obnoxious fool. The guy has explained that he is using the Wii browser to post his review, but you're intent on being all over his back about his grammar. So his review is more of a brief summary than a full-on detailed essay, who cares?

If you didn't like the review, then offer some constructive criticism rather than just outright attacking him. To claim that you were criticising (yeah, it's spelt with an s, not a z, SPAG boy) him and not insulting him just makes you look like an outright liar or an outright idiot. You choose.

This guy is making a post on a forum, not being paid to do a piece of journalistic gold. If the review wasn't to your taste, then get over it.
exactly my point & thanks for post.

its hard to type on the wii, lmao.

my reviews are usually more in depth. but i mentioned it plays like time crisses
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