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Step 4: Time to Make the Armor...

Finally! The hard work is over and it's time to make our uber armor set! The first step in this process will be to make a crafting armor set. To do this, you'll need gather the ingredients necessary to make fortify echantment potions, a couple unenchanted helms, gloves, amulets, rings, about 10 filled Grand Soul Gems and any enchanted apparel with fortify smithing and alchemy. The type of apparel doesn't matter so long as you like the look, but quality has no bearing on the enchantment strength. I personally chose steel plate armor as I thought it looked cool for an armor set I'd never wear in battle. If you're having trouble finding rings and amulets without enchantments you can either continuously restock Belethor and look for them or travel via carriage at the Whiterun stables to Riften. Inside Riften is a merchant named Madesi that sells nothing but unenchanted jewelry. The filled grand soul gems can be bought from Farengar in Dragonsreach. The ingredients for fortify enchantment potions can be found in Arcadia's cauldron and are the following:
  • Blue Butterfly Wing, Hagraven Claw, Snowberries, Spriggan Sap
Once you have all the items above, head over to Dragonsreach. Once you're here, create a couple fortify enchanting potions. If the potions give +32% to enchanting you've hit the cap. I can't remember if it does right off the bat or not as I didn't know there was a cap until I couldn't get past it. I initially thought I could make +enchanting potions to make +alchemy gear back and forth for infinity but I was wrong. If the potion doesn't give +32% we'll need to make an interim set of +alchemy armor. Head on over to the enchanter and disenchant your fortify alchemy and smithing items. Back out, drink the fortify enchanting potion and begin making a plus alchemy armor using one helm, glove, ring, amulet and grand soul gems. NOTE: The cap for +% to alchemy and smithing is 29% per item. Know that your time in the enchanter counts on the potion and you only have 30 seconds. This is usually only enough time to enchant two items before the effect wears off. If it does wear off drink another potion and go back to enchanting.

With your new set of +alchemy gear on (helm, gloves, ring & amulet) head back over to the alchemy table and make several + enchanting potions that give +32% to enchanting. Now head back over to the crafting table and make the following "ultimate crafting" set (be sure you have the extra effect perk from enchanting and drink the potion before enchanting):
  • Helm - +29% Alchemy
  • Gloves - +29% Alchemy/+29% Smithing
  • Armor - +29% Smithing
  • Ring - +29% Smithing/+29% Alchemy
  • Amulet - +29% Smithing/+29% Alchemy
Put on your new crafting set and head out into Whiterun. Once outside go to Adrianne, Ulfberth, Belethor and Eorlund Gray-Mane and buy all the leather straps and ingots you can. The type of ingot here varies depending on if you chose light armor of heavy armor. If you chose heavy armor you'll want ebony ingots if you chose light you'll want to make a glass armor set for now using malachite and refined moonstone. The light armor set that's best is dragon scale but that requires the dragon bones and scales you get from dragons. Since you haven't killed any yet, this glass set will hold you over until you do. On the heavy side, hopefully you took my advice and bought a lot of daedra hearts from Arcadia during the alchemy boosting process. A daedra heart is required for every daedric piece you smith.

Once you have all the necessary ingredients to make the armor and weapons of your choice, head on over to Arcadia's Cauldron. Here you're going to want to make a couple Fortify Smithing potions. The ingredients required for this potion are two of the following:
  • Blisterwort, Glowing Mushroom, Sabre Cat Tooth, Spriggan Sap
If you make this potions with your crafting set on you should end up with a +130% to improving weapons and armor effect per potion. With a couple of this potion type in hand head on over to Warmaiden's and make your set of armor. Do not take the fortify smithing potion while forging the armor. It's for improving the armor and weapons only. Once the armor and weapons are forged, head over to the workbench. Be sure at this time you have enough of the required ingot for each piece of your armor and weapons. If you do, take a fortify smithing potion and upgrade all the armor pieces. After this head on over to the grindstone and upgrade your weapons. All of your armor and weapons should now have (Legendary) next to them once this process is complete.

Voila! You now have the highest/best possible armor in the game. I went heavy with my smithing and with a heavy armor skill of 26 with two perks into Juggernaut, my armor rating with daedric armor is a staggering 582. As was said before though, the armor rating cap is about 567. This means that any number above that will not block anymore damage than the 567 rating (about 80% damage reduction). Keep this in mind so you don't waste perks to increase +armor %.

At this point it's up to you to add any enchantments you want to your "ultimate" armor set. Just be sure to drink your +32% enchanting potion before you add any enchantments to your ultimate set. For those that went light armor smithing, I wouldn't spend too much into your glass set (unless you prefer its look). Instead advance the story until dragons begin appearing and make an ultimate dragonscale set for yourself once you get the needed ingredients. Also, remember all those lockpicks you bought? Well they really have nothing to do with armor, but now when you go out questing you shouldn't have to ever worry about breaking lockpicks. I personally had over 400 lockpicks after completing those whole process.

I hope this guide was useful to at least one person. If so then I'm happy with the effort I put into this. I'll be as punctual as I can with any questions you may have. I'll also be sure to add any improvements or changes you all think would make the guide better. Thanks for reading!


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