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Step 5: The Hidden Step to Ultimate Armor

Before you go any farther, realize that the previous steps produced the best possible armor and enchantments I believe the game developers intended for us to have. The following steps will allow you to have gear that is RIDICULOUSLY overpowered and potentially game breaking in my opinion. Therefore if you don't want to be tempted into making this gear, read no further. You've had your caution.

If you're still reading now that must mean that you want to be god of Skyrim. Okay then, let's get started. The first thing you're going to want to do is gather ingredients needed to make fortify restoration and fortify enchanting potions. These ingredients are the following:
  • FORTIFY RESTORATION: Abecean Longfin, Cyrodilic Spadetail, Salt Pile, Small Antlers and Small Pearl
  • FORTIFY ENCHANTING: Blue Butterfly Wing, Hagraven Claw, Snowberries and Spiggan Sap.
Once you have enough of the above ingredients to make about 10 fortify restoration potions and 10 fortify enchanting potions, don your crafting armor produced from before and head over to an alchemy crafting table.

At the table, create one fortify restoration potion while wearing your crafting gear. After that, exit the alchemy lab and open up your menu. While in the menu, drink the fortify restoration potion. With the menu STILL open, unequip your crafting set then exit the menu. Once out of the menu go back into the menu and don your crafting set again. If done correctly, you should see that the % increase to alchemy on your crafting set has now gone up! From here you just recycle the process from above until you can create fortify enchanting potions that give +73442% to enchanting items.
WARNING: If you get too outrageous with the process above you'll literally break the game and the +% bonuses you get will turn negative.

To recap the steps above in a numerical order:
1) Don you crafting set
2) Make a fortify restoration potion
3) Exit the alchemy lab
4) Open the menu
5) Drink the fortify restoration potion
6) Unequip your crafting set
7) Exit the menu
8) Open the menu
9) Back to step #1

Once you've made 10 or so potions with +73442% to enchanting, grab a pair of gauntlets you like the look of. These gauntlets will be your new replacement to your entire crafting armor set. Once you've got a pair of gauntlets and a grand soul gem head to the arcane enchanter in Dragonsreach. Once at the enchanter drink one of your super enchanting potions and make a set of enchanted gauntlets with fortify alchemy and fortify smithing. When I did this, these gloves resulted in an effect that gives me +3180841% to both smithing and alchemy.

Now that you have these gloves you can either upgrade your current armor with them on or make a new set to upgrade. I made and upgraded a new set of dwarven armor with them. The armor rating stats were as follows (keep in mind the cap is still 567):
- Helm: 502117
- Armor: 77358
- Gauntlets: 38672
- Boots: 38672

After you upgrade your armor, go ahead and upgrade your weapons. I'm pretty sure there's a damage cap but below are the damage ratings my dwarven bow and dagger get:
- Bow: 906 shown (906445 actual)
- Dagger: 934 shown (906445 actual)

Now that your armor and weapons are maxed out grab some more filled grand soul gems and head to the arcane enchanter in Dragonsreach to make your super armor. Below is the set of armor I made with this exploit using +%73442 enchanting potions. With my weapons doing uber damage I saw no reason to fortify any weapons skills. Also with the high amount of health regen I have, no enemy can damage me enough to even make my health bar appear (even on master difficulty).

Magicka regenerates 7952103% faster. Lockpicking is 5168867% easier

Stamina regenerates 3976051% faster. Health regenerates 3976051% faster.

Increases you magicka by 7952103 points. Carrying capacity increased by 4771262 points.

Wearer is muffled and moves silently. Pickpocket success is 5168867% better.

Increases Magic Resistance by 2544673%. Increases disease resistance by 7952103%.

Increases your stamina by 7952103 points. Can swim underwater without drowning.

And there you have it. The game is officially too easy to even put into words. Battle with this suit on will not even be challenging on master. Enjoy you god status and feel free to smack Akatosh across the face if you want, even he couldn't strike you down with this armor on.

END NOTE: Though the above step is my writing, I was not the first to figure out the general path to use this exploit.

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