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Na mate, it was more than likely a troll. This is what you want, well done.

Though it might be worth adding the extra info to the original post.

-- The Pillar of Autumn --

• (0:00) Iron Skull - Look behind the cryo container in the very first room.

• (0:17) Terminal 1 - Located in the left side of the bridge, at an unmanned computer station.

-- Halo --

• (0:29) Mythic Skull - Search the base of the waterfall visible from your first land point on Halo.

• (0:46) Boom Skull - Before driving into the tunnels, look up at the pipes, walk across the cliff edge to the right to get to it.

• (1:11) Terminal 2 - Head all the way down the tunnel, but don't jump the gap. Take a left downhill to collect this terminal.

-- Truth and Reconciliation --

• (1:32) Foreign Skull - Check behind one of the one-way doors from which the enemies spawn from.

• (1:46) Terminal 3 - Found on the bridge, you walk through this room twice so it's hard to miss.

-- The Silent Cartographer --

• (2:03) Famine Skull - Search the top of the small plateau on the beach.

• (2:35) Terminal 4 - It's at the base of the circular structure where you fight two hunters in the middle of the map.

• (2:58) Bandanna Skull - This skull is located at the end of the first facility. You'll need to grenade jump to reach it.

-- Assault on the Control Room --

• (3:36) Fog Skull - In the patrol room, before you head outside again onto the battlefield, search the vent in the center of the room, grenade jump required.

• (4:04) Malfunction Skull - When you reach the gorge, you'll see ladders leading down to lower platforms, jump or climb down.

• (4:22) Terminal 5 - At the base of the final battlefield. Climb down the pyramid, turn around and you'll see the terminal in the hole.

-- 343 Guilty Spark --

• (4:48) Recession Skull - Check behind the first shade/tree you see in the swamp, at the start of the mission.

• (5:19) Terminal 6 - Located on top of the final doorway of the facility. When leaving on the last elevator, jump off at the right time to get to it.

-- The Library --

• (5:34) Black Eye Skull - Just before you enter the index room for the first time at the start of the level. It's in the right vent; you'll need to grenade jump.

• (5:56) Terminal 7 - On the third level of the library, you'll come across a large circular room with no elevator. Jump around the sides to reach it.

• (6:19) Eye Patch Skull - Avoid the index on this floor and walk around the edge of the room. It's in-between 2 crates.

-- Two Betrayals --

• (6:48) Terminal 8 - This terminal is directly opposite you at the very start of the level.

• (7:05) Piņata Skull - After you capture the last Banshee, fly back past the third generator room back to the tunnel. It's on the top.

-- Keyes --

• (7:39) Terminal 9 - Search the lower walkways underneath Keyes.

-- The Maw --

• (7:53) Terminal 10 - Upper cryo-storage room, search the nearby computer panels for the terminal.

• (8:08) Grunt Birthday Party Skull - Use your Warthog to climb up on the railing where Foehammer goes down near the end of the mission.

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