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There goes 50 hours of my game down the toilet. You might want to highlight the part of your guide that says you can't go across to daedric from dragon. Not only does the best light armor set get no weapons, but you cant even go craft Daedric weapons without using 5 more perks what a ripoff, I am very very close to restarting because of this crap. Thats what I get for just jumping into a game I really wanted to enjoy without spoiling it too much, now I have 3 perks that ended up being completely useless.

I was already 100 before you even wrote it, so in no way do I blame you lol but something like this should be pointed out very clearly in a guide as it can cause hours of time wasted.

And as for your question earlier about best enchantments for resale, I do have to agree with you, Absorb Health for weapons is the best overall for reselling, I think I didn't have the enchantment when I first started and was using Drain Stamina and just stuck with that after I got absorb health. For Armor (from the ones I have so far which is most) Fortify Archery seems to be the general highest, with Fortify Destruction second. This is just on crap gear with a petty soul gem, but thats what you should be using for the most part.

But to defend my part about going out and trapping souls and such myself, I was leveling up conjuring anyway, and if you just run through a close dungeon you can fill 30-40 of them in like 10 minutes, and get other loot to sell, and possibly find other important enchantments to learn, all while leveling up other skills as well. But I get it, your guide is to go out and get the best armor as quick as possible, basically making yourself a god and not having the enjoyment of fighting for your life as a mammoth chases you across the plains at level 13! >.> <.< ahhh good times

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