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Protect Cheese on Hard tips?

im not sure if im the only one that finds this extremely frustrating, but on hard, those scorpion machines do some spin move and it ends up taking out about a fifth of Cheese's health. 15 enemies isnt a lot, but when they take forever to die, and if the get past you just once, you can guarantee that youll lose quit a bit of cheeses health.

That being said, does anybody have any good combos or any characters that might be good? I used Blossom, just doing her standard attacks, using her PTE which is really good for this level, up until about 11/15 kills, and then one of those things snuck past. -.-

Anyways, any help is greatly appreciated.

edit: nevermind, did it. But it was a really frustrating level, so if anybody needs a tip, i used Blossom as i said above, and just spammed my normal attack combo until i got my special. And mainly focus on keeping the enemies bunched up together, if one of em gets away, focus on killing the big, scorpionish robot.

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