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Originally Posted by DEG23 View Post
I just started going through the campaign again to mop up achievements and find intel and i just realised how many parts of the maps are inaccessable. On Black Tuesday there were so many sand bag walls or counters in offices i though may have an intel briefcase behind it only to spend a few minutes trying to jump over then realising i couldn't.

Really, you couldn't have given us and extra 5 feet of street to explore instead of corning the area off with an invisible wall, talk about linear corridor
To me, what's more annoying than invisible walls are ones that look like they're passable. Like you said, the bags or other areas where it looks like you _could_ jump over, but really can't. I'd rather they just put up a solid 7 feet tall structure there than some pretty looking 3 feet high crate that your guy for some reason can't get over. I'd rather know for sure that I'm not allowed back there.
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