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well i have clocked an amazing 2D 10H wtv odd minutes on this games MP, only to have a whopping 1.1 KD and endless frusteration. its to the point where i know these maps pretty well, but the surplus of ways this game finds to screw me over is unrealistic. i realise i am not the best player, which is why i try to out-play my enemies by using strategy and such. i usually patroll several choke points, looking back and forth keeping an eye on the mini map. i just find myself having more and more bad games, constantly breaking even or 1 kill above.

never had too much of a problem with my connection, but with this game i feel like im running on hampster wheel kinetic energy. if i am casually walking (not sprinting) and a enemy happens to turn the corner, i will lose that fight 9 times out of 10. nomatter the gun or hitmarkers i get, if i dropshot or sway left / right, they just seem to get the kill in 2-3 hitmarkers. if i see somebody turning a corner (back facing me) i will start shooting, they will turn around after recieving 5 hitmarkers and kill me with like 1-2.. its moments like this that make me rage quit, i end up leaving more lobbies than i stay in.

#1 problem is the underlying default commando perk that they keep promising will be gone. everybody hates being knifed, but nothing compares to getting killed by somebody who just ate half of your clip while lunging 10 feet. all of this plus i get spawned killed on atleast 1/3 respawns, which is so unfair considering enemies always get to spawn behind me and start off with an easy kill.. however i have to work and look for my first kill, i never get one of those. i will probably end up buying skyrim today or tomorrow, 2nd prestige lvl 60 i really cant bear another level of this.

kudos to those who can enjoy + do well, after all this time spent though i just feel like i wasted weeks of my life. looking back i spent more time frusterated with the game than excited. i did get my first AC-130 this weekend tho, suckaas mission accomplished.
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