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Originally Posted by JFAUDEL View Post
whats a good way to sell any enchanted weapons over 1000 gold if i don't have any perks in speech? my speech is already 100.
I usually go to Belethor's and see if he has any filled Grand Soul gems. If he does, I buy them then sell my higher priced items to him to get my gold back plus a little more.

Originally Posted by mathgod9 View Post
Anyways, as far as best enchant for the iron daggers, assume all traits hold the following values:

- 38 enchanting
- 73 speech with 3/5 haggling (+20) -- though I don't think this increases value, I'll leave it up here anyways
- Enchanted with a petty soul gem
- Max amount of enchantment power, lowest charge
- First enchant on dagger ever -- in case diminishing returns are based on quantity made

With the following enchantment, my value was:

Absorb health - 632
Absorb Magicka - 424
Absorb Stamina - 440
Fear - 336
Fire Damage - 232
Frost Damage - 280
Paralyze - 696
Shock Damage - 280
Soul Trap - 192
Turn Undead - 600

Unless there is something I'm not factoring in, paralysis seems to be the best enchant for money. It should be noted that value is not synonymous with what you get paid for it. I suspect that after diminished prices and the merchants mark up, thus cutting your profits (even with speech up), the 400+ value spells (at 38 enchanting) probably are pretty similar in price. The higher values ones obviously take bigger cuts due to percentages.

One question I may have as I am currently working on enchanting: Did you only use petty/lesser filled soul gems from Farengar (after the initial purchases from the general goods store)? I probably didn't buy as many from general goods as I tried to rapidly get Alchemy up by only buying and selling with Arcadia to forgo load screens, but I'm only getting 2-4 gems per restock from Farengar. I could keep this pace up and get 100 enchanting relatively soon, I'm just wondering if there was a less tedious way -- such as, perhaps, splurging on common filled soul gems.
Thank you for this research. I edited the guide to reflect the paralyze and absorb health enchantments as the best. As far as the gems go, I just restocked Farengar over and over and over and..... I suppose you could splurge on common soul gems if you don't mind losing more gold to level up.

Originally Posted by mathgod9 View Post
Also, one error - you can only have alchemy on helmets, not smithing. On gloves, however, you can have both. In the guide it says 2 on the helmet, one on the gloves. Minor error, same overall alchemy/smithing bonuses.
Fixed this error. Thanks for noting it.

Originally Posted by BSH 1975 View Post
I've started on buying ingredients and I've got almost everything except the above.

But I still can't make any potions. When I'm on that table i can't choose anything to make.
Do I have to buy the recipes of her first to be able to make any potions
No buying of recipes is necessary. If you haven't ever made a potion with an ingredient you need to manually select from the ingredients menu at the alchemy table and combine it with other ingredients of the same potion recipe.

Originally Posted by Hent High View Post
Where can I find armor with Fortify Smithing to disenchant?
Belethor sells rings and amulets enchanted with this and Warmaiden's sells gloves and armor with it as well.

Originally Posted by mchunthunt View Post
also, why was i not making my potions under with the thief stone activated? it makes leveling stealth skills (alchemy, sneak, light armor, etc) 20% faster. also, if you have activated the dark brotherhood quests, babette is a master trainer and can give you alchemy skill points up to 90. just some tips i just realized to make you build up faster.
You must've just missed this part of the guide. I said to do this in the second sentence of step 1

Thanks for all the comments everyone. I'll keep editing the guide with anything else you find.

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