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Originally Posted by DeZmonD88 View Post
Any idea why my Enchanting for Fortify Alchemy has a base of 20%? I have all the necessary perks in enchanting and 7 relevant perks in Alchemy.

My equipment enchantment cap at 22% and my potions cap at 28%.

I managed to get to 23% on equipment and 32% on potions only by using a Falmer Helment, where you have 2 head pieces equipped (together with a circlet).

So I actually have +23%, +22%, +22%, +22%, +22%.

What I'm wondering is why everyone seems to have a base of Fortify Alchemy 25% (no potion use, just 100 in Enchanting). A poster on Gamefaqs claimed that it was because of an update. But I'm running the latest version and my base is still 20%...

me too... no way to get past the 22% cap on xbox360 i think....

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