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Question Hip Hop Music

There are two songs I am hunting for, ever since I first played The Cartel. One song is in the "lobby" for Mission 2, and the other plays throughout the game, and I don't know the names, but I really like the beat they have.
Most notably they make these appearences:

Song # 1:
1. In Chapter 2 it is the background music for hte "pre-game lobby".

Song # 2:
1. In Mission 2, there is an old car with 4-5 black guys lounging around (it is playing on the car's radio)

2. The cutscene that shows Flaco and his girlfriend shagging, it is playing on a radio in the background.

3. In the one of the Team Criminal spawns in LA Suburbs. It is a few buildings away from the jewelry store, and is in a parking lot, with three cars, and the middle car plays the song (It is loudest here)

The only words I can catch are "Maximum Respect" and either "for real", or "from rio". Something along those lines.

I really want to find these songs cause they have a real catchy tune.

I already checked the credits and the songs aren't "liscensed", so they must have been created by Pawel Blasczak.
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