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is there a quest that gives a permanent bonus similar to "ancient knowledge" (+15% skill increase to smithing, 25% dwarven armor rating) but for enchanting instead. i'm at 86 enchanting, 100 smithing, and 100 alchemy so i'm almoooooost done power leveling my skills. i'm just losing patience because enchanting sucks since you can't mass enchant. you have to reload the enchanting table for each dagger and it is almost painful how long it takes to enchant 100+ daggers, not to mention how hard it is to come by the petty/lesser soul gems for all of them. i just want to make this as easy as possible. i found a warhammer with a soul trap enchant on it if an enemy is killed within 7seconds. i'm thinking of disenchanting it and then enchanting one of my swords (since i am way stronger with one-handed) and going out there and killing wildlife to fill up my azura's star. i kind of regret not choosing the black star instead so i could fill it with humanoid souls too. i wasn't thinking at the time... oh well.

nm... i realized that while you can use the star an infinite amount of times you cant store an infinite amount of souls on it :/

anyway... i basically want to know if anybody has any tips or suggestions to make these last 14 enchanting points go by as quickly and pain free as possible.

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