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i'm up to 100 alchemy/100 enchanting/100 smithing.

if i never have to hear arcadia, belenthor, or farengar again, my life will be perfect. god their voices are excruciating. not much longer until i have some flawless dragon armor though

now, should i upgrade along the heavy armor route (right, 6 nodes) so i get access to the daedra smithing? is it worth it? yeah daedra weapons are awesome but i don't want to be completely uber. i can't decide if that extra perk point from going the light armor route is worth it (left, 5 nodes). i could use that for my 5/5 light armor perk or i could start investing in archery which i like dabbling in. decisions decisions. if only you could make weapons out of dragon bone. smh.

THIS GUIDE IS AMAZING. SPECTACULARLY THOROUGH. thanks for the help/inspiration/encouragement guys!! i've never gotten so invested in a game before. i mean yeah i've played fallout and oblivion, but i've never dabbled in crafting and such in them... i mainly stick to the main quest, side/guild quests, errand quests that i would run across. skyrim will be the first game i've played 100+hours and earned 1000gp on. i'm usually not an achievements junkie, so this is really cool for me
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