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Originally Posted by mchunthunt View Post
you really want to spend the time doing the alchemy though. it's frustrating and slow to start, but it picks up. just "restock", buy, "restock", buy, brew, sell, lather, rinse and repeat. at first, you're going to only want to buy the ingredients that allow you to make the high profit potions. after awhile, you can just go crazy and start clearing her out of everything. i went from about 46,000g to 82,000g when i got to 100 and i still have a bunch of potions left over. it nets you mad bank and eventually, through method's process, it gives you the ability to make the fortify smithing potion that skyrocket's your armor's rating. that's the really important part. there is a big difference between a fortify smithing potion @ 50% than one @ 130%.
Yeah I do want the 130% bonus. I have made myself a decent amount of money on smithing and enchanting now so I guess I'll do mine back to front.

I'll crack on with the expert training too.
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