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Originally Posted by UR ShiZZle View Post
After reading the guide, I have one question. If you have built that Uber weapon/armor, doesn't that take the fun out of the whole game when you are preety much immortal and one-hit kill everything? I fear that I will spend hours after hours grinding and then having no real reward, because the whole game is no challenge at all...

For those of you who have completed this, are there any challenges left, any enemies that could become dangerous?
There's still plenty of challenge at Master difficulty. Plus if you don't use any resist magic enchantments, mages can still hurt you pretty bad. Also, on master you don't one hit kill everything. Even with my swords that do 534 damage each I still can't one hit kill dragons, guards, giants and other higher level enemies.

Originally Posted by Jarimy123 View Post
When you are restocking and you say "hit the guide button at almost the same time" what button are you talking about? I'm not sure what the "guide button" is, and you say it will make the waiting 48 hours faster. I couldn't figure out what the guide button was, I prob should of just looked at the controls section in the game, but was too busy grinding out potions hahaha. Thanks! Great guide, that to me feels more like grinding then some sort of glitch, which just feels I dunno "clean" hahaha.
The guide button is the button with the xbox symbol in the middle of the controller. The one you use to bring up the friends/achievements/messages menus.

Originally Posted by Kraderic View Post
The best enchantment to have on your weapons is the only enchantment he didn't list: Banish. I can typically sell any iron dagger enchanted with Banish for anywhere between 1,400-1,800 gold, depending on the gender of the merchant. I can sell them for around 2,000-2,500 gold if I dual-enchant them with Absorb Health & Banish. I don't know if Paralyze/Banish would sell more, though.

It's recommended that you either invest in the merchant's business or increase their bartering price by 1,000 if you decide to sell these daggers, as most merchants most likely won't have 2,000 gold to give you for a single dagger.
Added the banish enchantment info into the guide. I've seen this enchantment a few rimes but never thought to test it out. It's not the rarest enchantment to find though (at least for me). I restocked the Khajit merchant in front of Riften 75+ times until I finally found a pair of boots with the muffle enchantment. Totally worth it though as muffle makes you a ninja...

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