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I just bought the game, so these would be my gripes.

- Too short.
- Non-sensical plot, very hard to follow (I didn't play FEAR 2 though, so partly my fault) Still though, I don't have a clue what was going on.
- Multiplayer is dreadful. I knew it would be dead at this point, but the few games I have managed to play, it's pretty awful and very bland.
- The last level. Sorry, but that thing that attacks you from the shadows (happens in a few other intervals as well) is just annoying as hell.
- Graphics are terrible.
- Sometimes I didn't have a clue where I was going.
- Pathetic "manual". at least give us the controls and maybe a little on the backstory.
- Mech sections are very boring - it's just not fun shooting an enemy mech over and over as you both spam shields/missiles.
- Grenades have a very short fuse, and are difficult to get on target.

There are some positives, such as the co-op actually being quite fun, and I like the general feel and atmosphere, but I'd have been pissed had I bought this full price at launch.
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