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Originally Posted by MaicoWin View Post
Are you sure that 29% is the maximum for alchemy and smithing? I can't get past 27% on alchemy:
  • Had a mixed set of alchemy gear, 20%, 20%, 14%, and 14%
  • Was able to make a 21% enchanting potion
  • Made some more gear with the 21% enchanting potion
  • Now had Helmet, Gloves, Ring, and Necklace all with 26% alchemy
  • Was able to make a 29% enchanting potion with all four 26% alchemy gear equipped
  • Used the 29% enchanting potion and was able to make 27% alchemy gear
  • Equipped all four of the 27% alchemy gear but was only still able to make 29% enchanting potions
Good thing I came across DezMonD88's post about the Falmer Helmet being able to be equipped with a circlet. I was able to make a Falmer Helmet with 27% alchemy, and then I had a Circlet of Eminent Alchemy with 20% alchemy, along with my other three 27% alchemy gear, and now my enchanting potions are 32%.

Just made a Circlet with 27% alchemy, so that now I have five pieces of 27% alchemy gear, and now my enchanting potions are 33%. I drank the 33% enchanting potion, but it would still only let me make 27% alchemy gear, so 27% is definitely the alchemy cap and 33% for enchanting. Not sure how you got your numbers.

So the best possible set of Fortify gear is as follows:
  1. Falmer Helmet (27% Fortify Alchemy)
  2. Circlet (27% Fortify Alchemy)
  3. Gloves (27% Fortify Alchemy / 27% Fortify Smithing)
  4. Ring (27% Fortify Alchemy / 27% Fortify Smithing)
  5. Necklace (27% Fortify Alchemy / 27% Fortify Smithing)
  6. Armor (27% Fortify Smithing)
  7. 33% Fortify Enchanting Potion
  8. 132% Fortify Smithing Potion
I have the exact same set up, except mine caps at 23% for Fortify alchemy/smithing.

I make 32% fortify enchanting potion and 129% fortify smithing potion, so I guess the difference is quite negligible...

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