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I've heard this "its disappointing" opinion a lot. Comparing 2017 to IA is a little like comparing apples to oranges. It gets the basics down right just running around killing giant bugs which is what counts the most IMHO.

but yes, if you liked 2017 a lot and go into IA expecting the same style of low budget zanyness, you will be disappointed. One is Japanese and the other was made by Westerners and that's the big difference right there. IA's code is a lot less crummy than 2017's, but there's no jumping on a helicopter flying up a million miles in the air and HALOing out of it. I loved doing that in 2017.

there's other stuff IA does that annoys me, but it's a budget game and meant to be underwhelming. edit: after playing a lot more, the teir system messes IA up a lot and restricts the player too much in terms of tackling later stages on harder difficulties forcing stupid grinding to actually kill anything on the later stages. Also maybe underwhelming wasn't the best word choice. Half-assed maybe? Imperfect?
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