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Originally Posted by LordOdadjian View Post

More importantly, for whatever reason, Rocksteady decided to not give her a special combo Break/Disarm (X+Y) - I think it breaks your combo if you try to do it, but I'm not totally sure. It's really annyoing not being able to break the riot shields. You kill the guys with riot shields but some other guy just picks the shields back up.

Otherwise, great guide!

Yeah, only Batman can Disarm and Destroy. It's not just Catwoman who was excluded.

As far as her special combo moves go, they are required for her physical challenges in the main game. So anyone who's playing this game will know those by the time they get to Challenge mode.

I disagree with you on the uselessness of her special whip attack. As you can see in my vids, I use it a lot. I do it because it gives you a multiplier for each person it hits. So for example, if I hit 4 people with the whip attack and my multiplier is x50, then I get x50x4x50 because the value of the attack is 50 and I hit 4 people on a x50 combo.
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