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Originally Posted by TheTCD View Post
This is not a Deus Ex game reference. Kinzie tells the main character that she 'isn't some walking Deus Ex Machina' (or words to that effect) when asked if she has some miraculous solution to defusing the bombs at Magarac Island. A Deus Ex Machina was in Roman and Greek drama a person or event that provides a sudden and unexpected solution to a difficult situation, usually in the form of a god lowered by a machine onto the stage. Deus Ex Machina means literally 'God out of the Machine.'

tl:dr version: It's just a joke at the expense of games and movies that come out with these stereotypical situations.

Also, the giant bunny thing is called the Cabbit. It's an easter egg relating to Summoner, another Volition game from 2000.
Ok I didn't hear all they said I only heard Deus Ex and assumed it was from the game.
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